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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] RAB questions
Ted Henry and me appear to have worked with RABs that are pretty flexible in
terms of topics.  At the Moffett RAB we had presentations on DoD budget,
clean-up standards, how risks from air emissions are calculated, future
land-use, how other sites adjacent to Moffett are being cleaned up,  and on
and on.

Because the RAB is an advisory board and DoD can (and has) thumb its nose at
some suggestions that have come out of the RAB, in my opinion there should
be an open discussion about anything related to clean-up.  I think that the
intention of the FFERDC (??) when it recommended the concept.

I also have worked with a really bad RAB.  DoD set up strict rules that
exclude topics that some feel are appropriate to discuss.  This has led to
confrontation, and at one RAB meeting 7/8 of the night was spent discussing
who could speak and in what order.

Peter Strauss

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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] RAB questions

> I've been told that Restoration Advisory Boards can only "legally"
> discuss sites listed on the base's Installation Action Plan.
> Are RABs in other communities commenting on things like cleanup of
> contaminated buildings, pipelines, spills not covered under RCRA or
> CERCLA, PCB cleanups, asbestos removal, etc. (ie, cleanup projects that
> are not necessarily listed as an IRP cleanup)?
> Does anyone know if there is specific language that either prohibits or
> provides for the discussion of specific cleanup topics by a RAB?
> Please post your reply.
> Thank you!
> Laura
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