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Subject: RE: [CPEO-MEF] Engineered Plants Soak Up Arsenic
Would offer that a properly designed project will harvest the arsenic rich
leaves, stems and/or roots for disposal in an environmentally sound manner,
including potential recovery of the arsenic.  By increasing arsenic
tolerance, application of phytoremediation as an effective in-situ cleanup
technique becomes a more versatile option as planners evaluate potential
risk and exposure pathways associated with various remedial alternatives.  

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" The plant removes arsenic from the soil, storing it in its leaves in a
form that is less available to the environment, and easier to remove and

So the leaves just dry up and blow away in the fall?  Is this just another
form of "the solution to pollution is dilution"?  What about the animals
that eat the leaves that might not otherwise have come in contact with the
toxins in the soil?

Steven Pollack

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