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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Draft document addresses Joint Toxic Action of Chemical
[POSTED BY Laura Olah <info@cswab.com>]


While most toxicological testing is performed on single chemicals, human
exposures are rarely limited to single chemicals; exposures resulting
from hazardous waste sites almost always involve more than one hazardous
substance.  In addition, people voluntarily expose themselves to a
variety of pharmacologically active chemicals such as those in
recreational drugs (alcohol and tobacco), medicines, and foods, and are
involuntarily exposed to other chemicals, such as those in vehicle
exhaust, drinking water, and in the workplace.  As a result, assessment
of potential risks to human health is often underestimated.

ATSDR has published a draft Guidance Manual for the Assessment of Joint
Toxic Action of Chemical Mixtures.   The focus of the guidance is the
exposure-based assessment of joint toxic action of chemical mixtures
associated with hazardous waste sites, but suggestions for the
appropriate consideration of non-site-related exposures also are
provided.  The document is available on the web at

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