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New taint may lurk at former air base
Military finally admits rocket fuel was used at Lowry
By Theo Stein
Denver Post Environment Writer

Thursday, August 15, 2002 - The state health department says it has new
evidence that a component of rocket fuel may be among contaminants at
the former Lowry Air Force Base, something the military has long denied.

The chemical, perchlorate, can pose health risks in drinking water, but
there is no evidence that it now poses a danger to anyone at or near
Lowry, a health department official said.

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State pushes Lowry tests
Agency wants firm, Air Force to check water, soil for fuel
By Theo Stein
Denver Post Environment Writer

Friday, August 16, 2002 - The state health department will insist that a
private cleanup contractor, along with the Air Force, test groundwater
and soil at undeveloped portions of the former Lowry Air Force Base for
spent rocket fuel and other chemicals that may pose a risk to public
health, an official said Thursday.
Howard Roitman, manager of the state's hazardous materials programs,
said the state would also require the Air Force to look for potential
radioactive contamination buried in a landfill on the southern margin of
the base.

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Lowry residents not yet concerned
Many willing to await results of tests to determine if perchlorate is
By Barbara E. Hernandez
Special to The Denver Post

Friday, August 16, 2002 - Residents and real estate agents offered
wait-and-see reactions Thursday to news that harmful contaminants may be
in the soil beneath the Lowry redevelopment area that straddles the
Aurora-Denver border.

"If they found large doses of perchlorate, we'd move," said resident
Marcus Ollig, 36, a father of two.

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