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From: Lenny Siegel <lsiegel@cpeo.org>
Date: 14 May 2002 16:28:37 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] EPA and national secrets
Submitted by Paul Reinke <paul.reinke@mitretek.org>


It may be that this action refers to the huge volume of information that
EPA collects regarding EPCRA emergency planning/response activities
specific to chemical manufacturing, storage and shipping facilities,
munitions depots, fuel (LOX and petroleum) and other relevant products/facilities.

Audits performed by several national security agencies before and after
September 11 revealed that significant amounts of EPA collected
information specific to potential infrastructural targets was publicly
accessible.  In addition to the description of how mishaps at the
facilities could present threats to nearby populations and the estimated
impact to populations, the available information addressed the emergency
response plans proposed by government agencies and the resources,
timetables, escape routes, etc., specific to the emergency response.

In short, the body of information pinpoints specific vulnerabilities,
estimated casualties, and the specific response patterns per incident.
Nice information to know if one were interested in disrupting activity,
hurting people, and then disrupting/mitigating the emergency response to
the initial problem.

Anyway, that may the reason behind this action.  But that's speculation
on my part.



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