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From: Lenny Siegel <lsiegel@cpeo.org>
Date: 6 May 2002 22:11:13 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Army Land Use Control Memorandum
On April 25, 2002, Major General R.L. Van Antwerp, Assistant Chief of
Staff for Installation Management, U.S. Army, signed a Memorandum,
"Interim Notification Guidance on Documenting and Reviewing Land Use
Controls (LUCs) developed under the Army Environmental Restoration
Program" (DAIM-ED-R). The Memorandum is consistent with the Air Force
Guidance on Remedy Selection Documentation, signed on January 23, and
described on this listserver on February 1.

The operative paragraphs in the memo are:

"6. The Army shall continue to follow the process for documenting LUCs
outlined in the referenced Army Interim Land Use Control Management
Plan. More specifically, the Army shall include the following
information about LUC(s) in the decision document.

* the type of land use control;
* the reasonably anticipated future land use;
* the location and source of the contamination that the control addresses;
* the role of the LUC in achieving the remedial action objective;
* the means for terminating and/or modifying the control.

"7. The Army shall not include details pertaining to LUC enforcement,
monitoring, or reporting in the decision document. Such details should
be document instead in a secondary implementation plan. On a
case-specific basis, the Army may enter voluntary agreements with
regulatory agencies that identify LUC implementation activities and
responsibilities. Such agreements will not be appended to - or otherwise
associated with- formal remedial decision documents."

The referenced document is "Internal Army Management Plan for Land Use
Controls Associated with Environmental Restoration Activities,"
SFIC-AEC-ERP, August 17, 2001.


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