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From: StellaVB@aol.com
Date: 3 May 2002 03:43:57 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Sprawl Threatens Operation of Arizona's Luke AFB

I like what Wayne has stated and would like to respond from a personal
place (I liked what Gil wrote too for that matter). I moved next to Camp Bonneville and yes, Wayne, in the back of my head was a 'security' knowing that the Army was near by. I heard nothing but good things about that base and the men who served in the Army there. I know they helped me out once without asking one question (and it was a dumb thing I did on my part). I do appreciate and want the protection given to the U.S. by our own. As for constructive suggestions, I would think the military would have to speak here about what they are attempting to do to 'perform their mission and stay in the area' since they are the ones with the knowledge, yes? For me, a civilian, I do not have the knowledge in regards to 'training'. I have said, many times, I do not have a problem with the training, as long as it is cleaned up and not left in the ground to contaminate. I realize that the military is here to protect us but that does not give them the right to contaminate and walk away any more than the protection I give my children gives me the right to abuse them. DeMil, Inc. has come up with a way to OB/OD without affecting the environment. I've been reading about STAR Environmental, Inc. and they have successful sites in SC and FL that are cost and time effective (groundwater contamination issues). I do think there are a great many people out there who do want a 'win/win' situation here (at least I do).
As for those that move next to military bases, I cannot speak for them
but I always enjoyed the rumblings of the helicopters coming in, it did give me a sense of security and watching them fly off was incredible. That needs to be known by those moving in. In So. Cal. the housing developments posted signs stating there was air traffic noise from one of the bases and if one wanted to move there then that was as much part of the deal as the lawn sprinklers (maybe the developers could be 'held accountable' here to state this upfront to those buying in their divisions).

I do believe in building consesus but I've sat at too many tables where that wasn't the case. Honestly, the only meetings, and there were several, where I ever felt it was an open forum for constructive ideas and concerns to be spoken freely about was in Sen. Murray's Vancouver office with those called to the meetings, of which I feel fortunate to have been one around that table.


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