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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Military cash flows for new water supply
Military cash flows for new water supply
BOURNE - The military this week delivered $2.7 million to help the 
beleaguered Bourne Water District solve a potential water shortage, 
weeks after pollution from Camp Edwards forced the closure of half the 
district's supply wells.

The money will come from the military's $300 million Environmental 
Restoration account, made up of Army, Air Force and Army National Guard 

When added to money provided three years ago to replace wells threatened 
by another plume of groundwater pollution, the Bourne district has more 
than $4 million with which to explore new water supply sources and link 
to a clean source.

Groundwater tests continue to show that trace levels of the chemical 
perchlorate, a component of rocket propellant and munitions, have moved 
off base toward the district's water supply.

All threatened wells have been shut off, and no contaminated water is 
reaching any homes, according to the military.

But to make up for lost water, about $1.85 million of the military money 
will be spent linking Bourne with a clean-water source before the summer 
and its increased water demand arrive.

A 3-mile pipeline will link the Bourne district water main, located near 
the Otis Rotary on Route 28, to a military-funded water supply located 
on the other side of the base in Sandwich.

"We are on a fast track to get that water main across (Route 28), 
probably in the next two weeks," said Ralph Marks, the Bourne Water 
District superintendent who has pushed the military for help since the 
first traces of contamination were found in February.

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