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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Marines Say Combat Training Suffers
Marines Say Combat Training Suffers
Military: Officials point to a study that finds large areas of Camp 
Pendleton are off-limits to protect a growing list of species.

By TONY PERRY, Times Staff Writer

CAMP PENDLETON -- As the Pentagon lobbies Congress for relief from the 
Endangered Species Act and other environmental laws, the military points 
to this sprawling base as a prime example of how such laws have severely 
disrupted combat training. 

While the military has made similar claims in the past, now the Marine 
Corps has a study that it says proves that training is being undercut 
because large areas of the base are off-limits to protect a growing list 
of species. 

"We need the ability to train as we fight," said Lt. Col. Mike Lynch, a 
Marine Corps planner. "An inability to conduct realistic training puts 
Marines in jeopardy." 

Preliminary results from a study conducted by Marine officials and 
Newport Beach-based SRS Technologies found that in what were once prime 
training zones, Marines can no longer receive adequate training in 32% 
to 50% of the several hundred tasks necessary for an amphibious landing. 

Restrictions on digging, noise and off-road maneuvers are the most 
severe, the study concluded. 

According to Marine officials, a pending lawsuit by more than 30 
environmental organizations could have the effect of designating more 
than half of the base as protected habitat. 

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