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Date: 15 Mar 2002 17:08:09 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] ICMA Forms Alliance with Army Mgmt Staff College
From ICMA:

In December 2001, The International City/County management Association (ICMA) signed a 5-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United States Army Management Staff College (AMSC) creating an avenue to exchange new ideas, resources, and increase the coordination and cooperation between local governments and military installations. ICMA and AMSC are committed to an open dialogue on the management of installations and local governments.  Additionally, both organizations will continue to lay the foundation to nurture the dynamic relationships between the military and its local government neighbors.  Strengthening these relations will help both understand how they can work together to serve their military and civilian populations.

There are many similarities between the practice of local government administration and military installation management, from providing basic municipal services such as fire, police, and water service to recreational opportunities, family assistance, and other social services.  Both local governments and military installations serve their residents and users in similar ways. 

In addition to the similarities of military and civilian management, developing and maintaining good relations between a community and a military installation makes good management sense.  Managers know that a good part of success is measured by how efficiently and effectively they allocate resources: time, people, and physical assets.  A good relationship between a local government and installation is often critical to realizing the wide variety of opportunities for cooperation and coordination.

ICMA believes that the future success and long-term viability of local governments with military facilities depends on the military services' and local governments' commitment to understand the effects of their respective policies and actions on each other. 

Army Management Staff College
The Army Management Staff College is an educational organization that provides advanced professional development for selected military and civilian leaders to assume leadership and management responsibilities throughout the Army.  AMSC offers Garrison Command and Pre-Command courses, which provide incoming garrison commanders the education, and training necessary to manage and sustain installations.  Many of the participants in these courses have risen through the ranks in tactical units or in high-level staffing assignments and have minimal or no municipal management experience.  AMSC excels at providing best business practices in the management of facility operations and other concepts including, working with communities and local governments.

Underscoring the importance of the partnerships between local governments and installations, a recent graduate of the AMSC Garrison Pre-Command Course said, "What I learned that proved to be most beneficial is that I have found that a large part of my time is spent dealing with the community and the installation support of the community." AMSC's courses are designed to assist with budgeting, setting goals and priorities, improving morale, long-term planning, increasing the coordination and cooperation between communities, and providing a vision for the installation.

About ICMA's Military Communities Consortium (MCC)
ICMA's Military Communities Consortium develops and fosters programs for installations and local governments based on ICMA's long history and management expertise.  ICMA's mission, to create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional local government management, is greatly enhanced by its military programs and capabilities. MCC, along with ICMA's other military programs, support local government officials by working to strengthen the relationship between the military and the community.  Local governments and installations benefit from having the resources and knowledge about future land use planning, best management practices, technical assistance, information sharing, and environmental problem solving to make informed decisions.  Additionally, ICMA is committed to laying the foundation for mutually beneficial exchanges of resources and knowledge to further promote professional management and the benefits that come from having well-run, well-organized local governments and military installations.

Sean W. Tolliver
Assistant Project Manager

ICMA Military Programs
ICMA Military Communities Consortium

777 N. Capitol St. NE
Suite 500
Washington DC 20002
P: 202 962-3590
F: 202 962-3500

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