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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Ogallala seeks the dirt on soil
Ogallala seeks the dirt on soil


OGALLALA, Neb. - South Dakota's dirt isn't very popular in western 
Nebraska these days. 

About 18,000 tons of chromium-tainted soil from the Black Hills Army 
Depot in South Dakota is being buried in a private landfill atop the 
Ogallala Aquifer. Researchers and environmental regulators say the 
treatment method undertaken on the soil should have rendered it safe. 

But that doesn't mollify those who have been watching one truckload 
after another head down Nebraska's highways to the J Bar J Landfill, 
southwest of Ogallala. 

"I realize we need to dispose of things somewhere, but why in the world 
do we need to put it above the Ogallala Aquifer?" said Howard Jensen, an 
Alliance area resident who has been watching the fleets of trucks pass 
by. "Why do we need to move it into the state of Nebraska?" 

Transport began Feb. 13 and may be finished by the end of this week. 

The complete story can be viewed at:

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