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It's good to hear from Jim Warner on the DOE issues.  I know many people 
like myself who work on DOE issues do indeed subscribe to this list.  
Having both worked on DoD cleanups and DOE-related environmental policy, 
I see that there are many concerns common to cleanups at both 
facilities, especially the reuse issues and long-term stewardship.

>From the "big picture" perspective, it makes sense to pressure the
federal government to remediate its contamination, no matter what agency 
caused it.  Perhaps that activity should be taken out of the hands of 
DOE and DoD because it is so far from their actual missions that they 
really don't want to fund it or train their people to deal with it.

What do other list subscribers think about turning all federal cleanups 
over to EPA or creating a new agency with a narrowly targeted mission?  
Would this meet your communities' needs better than the present system?  
I'd be interested in hearing the perceived pros and cons of this.

Susan L. Gawarecki, Ph.D., Executive Director
Oak Ridge Reservation Local Oversight Committee
We've moved!  Please note our new address:
102 Robertsville Road, Suite B, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

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