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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] X-ray device may speed up cleanup
 X-ray device may speed up cleanup
Base officials want gadget that detects dangerous ordnance


Jan. 17 - CAMP EDWARDS - Now that they're looking for them, National 
Guard contractors are finding literally thousands of pieces of ordnance 
buried in the old target ranges on Camp Edwards
     Many have been found in batches at the bottom of burial pits, 
several feet beneath the ground's surface, while others sit on the 
surface, unexploded duds from another era.

     And as far as the most seasoned explosives expert can tell, any one 
of them can be potentially deadly.

     So, if the ordnance is safe to move, explosives technicians move 
the pieces to a storage building, until they have the time and resources 
to blow the ordnance up in an environmentally-friendly chamber.

     Those running the Camp Edwards artillery cleanup hope they've found 
a technology that will make the process quicker and cheaper.

The complete article can be viewed at: 

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