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From: UTOSI-Hdqrs@kc.rr.com
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 16:25:15 -0500 (EST)
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Does funding for SFAAP IAP come under your command?
Dear Col. Haze;

I am attempting to learn why the Installation Action Plan (IAP) for
Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant (SFAAP) only includes funds for the clean
up of Solid Waste Managements Units (SWMU's).

I am a member of the SFAAP Restoration Advisory Board (RAB).

Does funding for the clean up of SFAAP come under your command?  If so
would you take the below listed letter dated, 05 Dec 2000, for action?

I base my request on the fact that your Mr. Dennis Karns, Corps of
Engineers, Kansas City District, is a member of the SFAAP RAB and was a
contributor to the IAP as also listed below.

Mr. "Ralph Burns" <Ralph_Burns@ATK.COM>, "Tom Stutz, Army Representative"
<Thomas_Stutz@atk.com> have not answered my questions.


Jim Oyler

Ralph Burns Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant
Randy Carlson Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Gerald Cooper City of DeSoto
Tim Davis Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant - ATK
David Garrett Environmental Protection Agency, Region VII
George Gricius Forces Command
Blaine Hastings General Services Agency (GSA)
Dennis Karns Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District
Joe King Army Environmental Center
Johnna Lingle Johnson County Commissioner - RAB Co-Chair
Rich Mendoza HQ, IOC, Environmental Restoration
Tom Stutz Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant - Installation
Katie Watson Forces Command Support
Phil Wittek Johnson County Environmental Department
Steve Whitfield Burns and McDonnell, Inc.


Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 11:21:53 -0600
To: "Tom Stutz, Army Representative" <Thomas_Stutz@atk.com>,
"Ralph Burns" <Ralph_Burns@ATK.COM>
From: UTOSI <UTOSI-Hdqrs@kc.rr.com>
Subject: Question on the different clean up funds being used at SFAAP
Cc: "UTOSI" <UTOSI-Hdqrs@kc.rr.com>

Dear Tom and Ralph:

Please help me understand what federal law[s] govern[s] and allocates
different funds for the total environmental clean up of Sunflower Army
Ammunition Plant (SFAAP).

At the last RAB meeting when I asked why the IAP did not include the total
clean up fund requirements for SFAAP, you all stated the 65 Solid Waste
Managements Units (SWMU's), (Contaminated sites) and the 20 Areas of
Concern (AOC's), that may become SWMU's are under one fund by federal law
and the IAP is limited to just the SWMU's.

What law is that and who is responsible for the fund allocation?

You all also stated the clean up funds for the 3,000 plus building to be
burned, their foundations, the 50,000 lineal feet of above ground asbestos
covered steam piping and the 50,000+ lineal feet of sewer pipes (below
ground) that contain powder, came from a different fund.

What federal law is that and who is responsible for the fund allocation?

I am trying to understand how the funds for the total clean up of SFAAP are
not in one package or included in the IAP.

I am also trying to understand why the RAB's concern for the total clean up
of SFAAP is limited to just the SWMU's.

What federal law limits the RAB's concern for the clean up of SFAAP to just
the SWMU's?


Jim Oyler

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