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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Koch and SFAAP: Acid production.
Dear 60 Minutes II:

First I want to thank 60 Minutes II for the below listed story you carried
last night.

As a follow up I am asking you to check out the following.

For years Koch Industries has produced acid (Olem) at the now closed DOD,
Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant, (SFAAP), De Soto, KS.  SFAAP closed in
1992 with Koch still producing acid at SFAAP till this fall, Fall of 2000.

When SFAAP was closed by DOD/Army the EPA gave SFAAP an NPL rating of 50
which would have placed SFAAP on the Super Fund Clean up Site list. 28.5
NPL required for Super Fund rating.

 >>>>>The 1980 Superfund law has come under broad attack over the years as
critics charge that its provisions have spawned more litigation than
cleanup. Enacted by Congress after the Love Canal toxic waste scandal in
the 1970s, the law requires anyone responsible for past toxic waste
contamination to clean up the contamination, even if the polluter no longer
operates or owns the site.>>>>>

But as would happen Governor Graves (KS) kept SFAAP off the Super Fund Site

Koch has now shut down (Fall 2000) acid production at SFAAP and moved on.
But as would happen Koch did not clean up of the old acid sites.  Note: Two
Koch acid sites at SFAAP,  North Acid and South Acid.

Koch got a free ride! No clean up required by Koch!

Also how does Senator Bob Dole fit into all of the Koch gifts that happened
in the sweat heart deals that allowed Koch (A Kansas Co.) to produce acid
at SFAAP at a very cheap cost to Koch?

Also Hercules the DOD operator of SFAAP has moved on and formed a company
by the name of Alliant Tech.  Still operating SFAAP under the same Hercules
WWII Presidential Executive Order, "No Contract".

Related sites and info about SFAAP are located at:



Is there a link between Senator Bob Dole, Governor Graves, Hercules and
Koch and the operation and mandated clean up of SFAAP? How does all of this
tie in with Governor Graves wanting to build the "Wonderful World of Oz" at

Thank you for the story and your consideration to our questions.

Jimmie D. Oyler, Principal Chief
United Tribe of Shawnee Indians
Shawnee Reserve Number 206
De Soto, KS 66018-0505
Phone 913.583.3236

CBS News | 60 Minutes II

"Families invariably give in to fight over money. And blood and money is a
very explosive mixture." Scott Pelley reports on a family feud with
billions at stake.

Family Feuds: Koch Industries: Blood And Oil

Nov. 27, 2000

Bill Koch says Koch Industries has made millions by stealing oil from the

(CBS) The Koch family of Wichita, Kan., is among the richest in the United
States - worth billions of dollars. Their oil company, Koch Industries, is
bigger than Intel, DuPont, or Prudential Insurance, and they own it - lock,
stock and barrel.

The trouble is, a former employee says the brother who controls the company
grew rich through fraud and theft - stealing from the taxpayers of the
United States. Unfortunately for Koch Industries, reports 60 Minutes II
Correspondent Scott Pelley, that disgruntled former employee is Bill Koch,
one of the Koch brothers.


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