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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] "Military blamed for environmental harm"
Military blamed for environmental harm 
The San Diego Union - Tribune; San Diego, Calif.; Nov
12, 2000; Cheryl Clark; 

The two-hour hearing at a Shelter Island hotel room
was called by [Bob Filner] to get comments on
legislation he plans to introduce that would hold U.S.
defense-related agencies accountable to environmental
laws from which they are now exempt.

Speakers told of practice bombing on the Puerto Rican
island of Vieques, inordinately high birth defects near a
Memphis Army Depot, spills of fuel and asbestos and
heavy metals near St. Lawrence Island in Alaska and
unexploded ordnance and mysterious respiratory,
neurological disorders among residents near Texas'
Kelly Air Force Base.

Filner's legislation is in draft form only, but he said he
is committed to increasing civilian regulatory authority
over military activities whenever construction,
wetlands, chemical or radioactive waste or even the
location of helicopter routes might be at issue.

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