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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] SFAAP: Help with different funds.
Please help me understand how the federal government allocates funds for 
the environmental clean up of closed DOD sites such as Sunflower Army 
Ammunition Plant (SFAAP).


1. SFAAP closed in 1992 and was declared excess by DOD an placed on the GSA 
disposal list.
2. SFAAP has an NPR rating of 50 but was kept off the SuperFund site list.
3. SFAAP is not a BRAC site.

SFAAP has:

65 Solid Waste Managements Units (SWMU's). Contaminated sites
20 Areas of Concern (AOC's), that may become SWMU's.
3,000 plus building to be burned.
Foundations for the 3,000+ buildings.
50,000 lineal feet of above ground asbestos covered steam piping.
50,000+ lineal feet of sewer pipes below ground that contain powder.

Every time I ask to get the funds for the clean up of the building, 
foundations, steam pipes and sewer lines, added to the Installation Action 
Plan ( IAP) funds for the SWMU's, as an RAB member I am told the RAB is 
only concerned with funds for the clean up the 65 SWMU's (Contaminated 
sites) and any AOC's that may become SWMU's,

and that the funds for the burning of the 3,000 plus building. the removal 
of their foundations, the removal of the asbestos covered steam pipes and 
the removal of the sewer lines, that may contain explosives are funded by a 
fund different than the SWMU fund.

Can anyone please tell me how and what the difference of the funds are?

And why the non-SWMU sites are kept off the IAP?

1. The IAP is the ARMY furnished list with funds and time required for the 
clean up of the SWMU's.
2. A building can be within the bounds of a SWMU but only the ground around 
the building/foundation is part of the SWMU.


Jim Oyler

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