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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Vieques Press Release

Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques
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15 November, 2000

Press Release

Vieques main topic at international conference on military contamination

The struggle of the people of Vieques was the  principal topic at an
international conference held recently in San Diego, California.
Representatives from communities in Japan, Puerto Rico, Colorado, New
Mexico, Tejas, Montana, California, Mississippi, Massachusetts and Alaska
shared  their experiences struggling against the environmental and health
effects of  diverse forms of military contamination: radiation from nuclear
aircraft  carriers, contamination from shipbuilding activities, problems
associated with  military exercises, storage and manufacture of arms, among
others. High levels of  cancer, respiratory sickness and high rates of
infant mortality similar  to Vieques were reported in areas affected by
military contamination.

The delegates to the conference approved a  Declaration of Solidarity with
the People of Vieques, in support of civil disobedience  as a legitimate
means to bring peace to the island. The declaration supports  the demands
of the Viequenses for an immediate and permanent cessation of  all military
activities, decontamination and the return of all lands  controlled by the
Navy to the people of Vieques for sustainable, community controlled
economico development.

Robert Rabin, member of the Committee for the Rescue  and Development of
Vieques, offered the keynote address at the conference.  According to
Rabin, "our participation in this conference is part of an  international
disemination campaign about the Vieques situation. Other representatives
of our committee travelled recently to Chiapas (Mexico), Manchester
(England),  Cuba and Japan, to create an international network of mutual
support among peoples affected by contaminationa and other problems related
to  militarism."

Contact: Nilda Medina (787) 741-0358

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