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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 12:14:19 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Agent import opposed by citizens group
This from the Tooele (Utah) Transcript Bulletin:

Agent import opposed by citizens' group by Jeff Schmerker
Staff Writer

In a rare move, the Utah Citizens' Advisory Commission on Chemical Weapons
Demilitarization voted on Thursday night to pass a resolution opposing the
import of chemical agent into the state of Utah. The non-binding
announcement comes in response to 1999 Congressional law, which allowed
non-stockpile chemical agent to be shipped across state lines so it can be
burned at chemical weapons burners. Now, an Army contractor is looking into
the feasibility of burning the non-stockpile material - which can be
thought of as miscellaneous agent not a part of the nation's regular
stockpile of chemical weapons - at sites like the Tooele burner.

The non-stockpile burning project, said Congress, could save a lot of money
over the alternative: the development and building of mobiledecontamination
devices that would go from site to site, disposing of the  miscellaneous
agent. But, said members of the citizens' commission Thursday night, it
could open the door for tons of waste and thousands of waste-filled
containers to wind up in Utah.

Last week, Congressmen in Alabama introduced legislation that would ban the
import of non-stockpile agent. Other states, they said - citing Utah - are
happy to take the material.

But the citizens' commission wanted to make it clear to the nation that not
all of Utah wanted to see the waste come.....

For the whole story see http://www.transcriptbulletin.com/import.html

Elizabeth Crowe
Chemical Weapons Working Group
Non-Stockpile Chemical Weapons Citizens Coalition
(859) 986-0868


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