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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] grant application opportunity
Dear colleagues, FYI. --mk
October 3, 2000

Dear Prospective Applicant,

We are pleased to provide a Request for Proposals for funding from the
Citizens=ED Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund (Round 2, Fall 2000).

To assist groups to prepare fundable proposals, we have divided the
application process into two steps, an initial Letter of Intent and a more
detailed proposal.  The Letter of Intent is designed to ensure that the
project as envisioned is fundable and to identify potential impediments to
funding early in the process.  We will work with you, as we did with Round
1 applicants, so the application can be reviewed and the project finalized
as quickly as possible.

While the RfP is lengthy we have included detailed information on the
history of the Fund, the basic steps for applying, and the criteria your
organization must meet.  The specific questions that you must address in
your proposal begin on Page 10.

As you review this Round 2 RfP, please be aware of the following:

there are two important deadlines (November 27 for the Letter of Intent and
January 4 for the Proposal);

it will expedite the application process if you call us as early in the
process as possible to indicate your interest in applying and to ask

the financial accounting requirements outlined and the requirement for
complying with the Office of Management and Budget circulars in Section IV
can be handled in any number of ways and tailored for your existing
accounting system (these requirements are identical to grants from federal
government agencies and are necessary under the settlement agreement that
created the Fund); and

the certifications in Section V are intended to establish that you are
eligible for funding.

Please pass the Round 2 RfP along to others who might be interested in
receiving money from the Citizens=ED Monitoring and Technical Assessment

Please contact me at any time if you have any questions about the RfP or
the application process.  We are looking forward to funding another round
of proposals.

Bruce J. Stedman
MTA Fund Manager

Draft Grant Guidelines & Application Process
Round 2  Fall 2000

Key Dates and Deadlines to Remember
If you are considering applying for a grant, please inform RESOLVE as soon
as possible.

The required Letter of Intent must be postmarked November 27, 2000.
The Proposal must be postmarked January 4, 2001.

As part of a 1998 court settlement between U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
and 39 plaintiffs (nonprofit peace and environmental groups around the
country), DOE established a $6.25 million Citizens=ED Monitoring and
Technical Assessment Fund (Fund) to provide money to non-profit,
non-governmental organizations and Federally recognized tribal governments
working on issues related to the nuclear weapons complex.  The Fund was
established to help those groups procure technical and scientific
assistance to perform technical and scientific reviews and analyses of
environmental management activities at DOE sites.  These grants also may
support dissemination of the technical and scientific reviews and analyses
undertaken with monies from the Fund, but cannot be used for litigation,
lobbying, administrative support, or fundraising.=02

The Fund represents an opportunity for citizens groups, tribes, and others
to conduct their own research and monitoring of DOE environmental
management activities at sites throughout the country.  The Fund also
represents an opportunity to develop new approaches for community-based
research that may be applicable to other environmental issues and problems.

Administering Organization
The administering organization for the Fund is RESOLVE, Inc., a neutral
non-profit dispute resolution organization with special expertise in the
environmental arena with offices in Washington, DC, Portland, Oregon, and
Denver, Colorado.  Founded in 1977, RESOLVE=EDs mission is to mediate
controversial environmental issues and promote the effective use of
conflict resolution in public decision-making.  RESOLVE has experience
managing technical assistance and research funds, and bringing groups
together with technical experts to produce the highest quality research
with practical applications.

Robert Fisher, a Senior Mediator and RESOLVE's Chief Operating Officer
directs the Fund.  Bruce Stedman, a Senior Mediator, manages the fund with
assistance from Sam Ashton (RESOLVE=EDs Controller), Jenny Billet, Jeff
Citrin, Troy Hartley, and Morrissa Young.

RESOLVE formed an Advisory Board=02 to oversee use of the Fund and to advise
RESOLVE on how the Fund should be distributed.  The Advisory Board is
composed of representatives from organizations that were involved in the
lawsuit against DOE that created the Fund and others, including tribes that
are and are not Federally recognized.  In addition to the Advisory Board,
RESOLVE seeks input from other organizations, tribes, and individuals,
including those who believe their views may not be represented on the
Advisory Board, and potential applicants, about how the Fund should be
managed and distributed.  The Advisory Board will assist RESOLVE in
reviewing proposals and make recommendations to RESOLVE about which
proposals to fund, but will not make funding decisions.  Members of the
Advisory Board also are available to assist applicants in preparing
proposals.  (See the Proposal Development section, below.)  Under the terms
of the court settlement, RESOLVE has sole discretion and decision-making
authority with respect to the Fund.  RESOLVE will make all funding

Priority For  Funding
Awards of money from the Fund in Fall 2000 funding round will focus on
eligible organizations and tribes engaged in, or preparing to engage in,
community-based research.  Priority for funding will be given to eligible
organizations, and tribes that have limited technological resources or that
may be "disenfranchised" or "disproportionately affected" by environmental
management activities at DOE sites.  Eligible organizations are non-profit,
non-governmental organizations (including tribal citizens=ED organizations)
and Federally recognized tribal governments working on issues related to
the nuclear weapons complex.  Organizations and communities of color and
low-income communities and organizations are encouraged to apply.

Proposal Development
Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to inform RESOLVE of your
interest in applying to the Fund at the earliest possible opportunity - by
telephone, fax, or email.  We ask that you notify us before submitting the
Letter of Intent to ensure that all application criteria can be met by the
deadlines.  It also will help Fund staff to see the range of proposals
being considered.   Prospective applicants are also encouraged to work with
their experts, a Fund staff person, or a Fund Advisory Board member in
preparing your proposal.

=46or example, RESOLVE or an Advisory Board member may assist with:

identifying an appropriate technical advisor or researcher to partner with
on an application;

developing methods or strategies for conducting the research or information
distribution; and/or

explaining application requirements.

If you need assistance identifying an appropriate expert and/or a Fund
Advisory Board member to work with in developing your Proposal, please
contact RESOLVE.

Application Process

Eligible Organizations and Tribal Governments
Grants will be made only to non-profit, non-governmental organizations or
=46ederally recognized tribal governments working on issues related to the
nuclear weapons complex.  (See description of eligible organization at the
bottom of page 1.)  The Fund will consider collaborative proposals from
eligible organizations and/or tribal governments.

Eligible Projects
Grants may be given to eligible organizations and tribal governments for
technical and scientific assistance to perform technical and scientific
reviews and analysis of environmental management activities at DOE sites.
Monies from the Fund also may be used to support the dissemination of the
technical and scientific reviews and analyses undertaken with monies from
the Fund.

Round 1 Award Recipients - Eligibility for Round 2
Organizations or tribal governments that received funding in Round 1
(Winter 2000) may not submit proposals in this Round and must wait until
Round 3 (Spring 2001) to apply again.  The sole exception will be emergency
situations=02, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Resubmitting Revised Applications
Applications that are not funded during a funding round may be revised and
resubmitted in the next round.  RESOLVE encourages all applicants,
including those whose proposals were not funded in Round 1, to discuss
their proposals with RESOLVE or a member of the Advisory Board before
resubmitting them.

Multiple Applications
Only one application may be made submitted by each eligible organization or
tribal government in each funding round.


Grant Amount
The average award will be $35,000.  Most funded awards during the Fall 2000
round will be less than $35,000, and no grant will exceed $50,000.  Grant
requests exceeding $35,000 must specifically include an explanation of why
the greater amount is necessary.  Up to $600,000 will be distributed in
this round of funding.  If the total requested amount of all approved
proposals exceeds $600,000, individual grants may be funded at levels below
the requested amounts.

Prohibited Uses of Funds
Money from the Fund may not be used to conduct litigation, lobbying, or
fundraising.  In addition, money from the Fund may not be used for basic
administrative support or for the purchase of equipment (e.g. computers and
other office machinery, software, and laboratory machinery).

=46or Application Procedures, any additional information, and a complete cop=
of the RfP, contact:

Citizens' Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund
c/o RESOLVE, Inc.
1255 23rd Street NW
Suite 275
Washington, DC  20037

Marylia Kelley
Tri-Valley CAREs
(Communities Against a Radioactive Environment)
2582 Old First Street
Livermore, CA USA 94550

<http://www.igc.org/tvc/> - is our web site, please visit us there!

(925) 443-7148 - is our phone
(925) 443-0177 - is our fax

Working for peace, justice and a healthy environment since 1983, Tri-Valley
CAREs has been a member of the nation-wide Alliance for Nuclear
Accountability in the U.S. since 1989, and is a co-founding member of the
Abolition 2000 global network for the elimination of nuclear weapons, the
U.S. Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and the Back From the Brink
campaign to get nuclear weapons taken off hair-trigger alert.

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