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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Is anyone listening????
Original message from Stella Bourassa <StellaVB@aol.com> 


Please post this on the website!  Thank you!

To Any and All Government and Military Officials:

I have been involved in BRAC and RAB concerns for over three (3) years now.
 I have worked with the most dedicated and equitable individuals who have
given countless hours (and sweat) to find solutions for the contamination
left behind by those entities here to protect and serve the citizens of the
United States.

I would truly appreciate a response both on this site and to my own e-mail
address regarding this question.

Is anyone listening and then moving forward with technologies to find a
solution to these problems?  Inevitable, the concerns remain the same:

Practices that are detrimental to the environment are still going on (OB/OD)

Promises are made that are not kept (The neighbors to Camp Bonneville were
promised, by Army officials, to have their personal wells tested for
groundwater contamination only to be told there is now no money to pursue
the testing)

Cleanups started (Hawaiian Island) that is now stopped due to the financial
burden)and not completed

Cleanups being fought with a Civil War looming (Puerto Rico)

In reading all e-mails on this subject, there is a fine thread running
through each and every one!  Accountability and responsibility for the
damage done, a desire for a feasible financial solution in technology for
cleanup (NOT IC nor Land Controls as the final stop) and for those in
authority to admit that there is great damage done, it needs to be cleaned
up and validation to the concerns of those working hard for these
solutions.  We are not looking to be patted on the head or back nor to be
patronized.  Each and every person I work with wants to sit at the same
table, on a level playing field, address the problems AS THEY STAND and
move forward to 'fix them'.  We do not want to be convinced 'they are not
all that bad'.  Those of us who have done our 'homework' KNOW it is bad

Stella Bourassa

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