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Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 10:02:41 -0700 (PDT)
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] DOD Marine Protected Areas policies?

Friends - Is anyone aware of  steps that the DOD may have taken in response
to the requirements for that agency  laid out in President Clinton's
Executive Order on Marine Protected Areas?   

Executive Order 13158,  issued  May 26, 2000,  specifically calls for the
Department of Defense (and six other agencies and bureaus)  to work with
the Departments of Interior &  Commerce, and other agencies,  to "
...develop a national system of MPAs. They shall coordinate and share
information, tools, and strategies, and provide guidance to enable and
encourage the use of the following in the exercise of each agency's
respective authorities to further enhance and expand protection of existing
MPAs and to establish or recommend new MPAs, as appropriate: 

"(1) science-based identification and prioritization of natural and
cultural resources for additional protection; "(2) integrated assessments
of ecological linkages among MPAs, including ecological reserves in which
consumptive uses of resources are prohibited, to provide synergistic benefits; 

"(3) a biological assessment of the minimum area where consumptive uses
would be prohibited that is necessary to preserve representative habitats
in different geographic areas of the marine environment; 

"(4) an assessment of threats and gaps in levels of protection currently
afforded to natural and cultural resources, as appropriate; 

"(5) practical, science-based criteria and protocols for monitoring and
evaluating the effectiveness of MPAs; 

"(6) identification of emerging threats and user conflicts affecting MPAs
and appropriate, practical, and equitable management solutions, including
effective enforcement strategies, to eliminate or reduce such threats and

"(7) assessment of the economic effects of the preferred management
solutions; and 

"(8) identification of opportunities to improve linkages with, and
technical assistance to, international marine protected area programs. "

- End of excerpt - 

(Full language of Executive order,  press conference transcript and more at 

http://www.atlantisforce.org/howgomiow.html )

Ron Huber

Ronald Huber,   Director
Task Force Atlantis 
418 Main Street
Rockland Maine 04841 USA
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