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[This was posted to the list by Peter Schlesinger <pschles@yahoo.com>]

Posted on another listserve today:

US Bombing Range in ROK

The Korea Herald (Kang Seok-jae)
Activists demand parliamentary probe into U.S. strafing range 

Stepping up their calls for the closure of the U.S. Air Force's
controversial Koon-ni bombing and strafing range, several
environmental and civic groups yesterday demanded a parliamentary probe 
into the facility, located about 50 km south of Seoul.

They also called on the Defense Ministry to make public all of its 
investigation results related to the issue and the full contents of the 
written agreement reached between the ministry and the U.S. Forces Korea 
Aug. 18.

Denouncing the ministry's high-handed attitude toward residents in 
dealing with the decade-long Koon-ni controversy, the civic groups 
called for the creation of a standing dialogue channel through which the 
residents of Maehyang-ri, civic groups and the South Korean and U.S. 
militaries could exchange opinions on the issue.


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