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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Airborne UXO Technology
[Original message from joelf@cape.com (Joel Feigenbaum) in response to
Lenny Siegel. Please respond directly to joelf@cape.com or

Airborne UXO tecxhnolgy that Lenny mentioned is actually being employed by
Tetra Tech, Inc. at the Camp Edwards Impact Area. However, it is my
understanding that that this must supplemented by ground level exploration
using a cesium vapor magnetometer and electromagnetic inductance detector.
Since we are searching for buried ordnance, it is important to be able to
distinguish actual mortar and artillery rounds from metallic trash and soil

In any event, it becoming clear that finding and safely disposing of UXO is
not the impossible task that the Pentagon has always claimed, Only a few
months ago, Army spokemen likened the task to "strip mining" Upper Cape Cod.


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