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From: zweifel@earthlink.net
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 10:31:20 -0700 (PDT)
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Master Lease for MCAS EL TORO (FOSL)
To all interested parties:

Today on 22 Aug. '00 a interim master lease tendered by DON was approved
unanimously by the Orange County, Ca. Board of Supervisors for the former
MCAS, El Toro.

A special vote of thanks should be extended to Ast UndersecyNav Cassidy and
all the principals involved from Southwest Div Naval Facilities Engineering
Command for the yoemen's work they accomplished.

El Toro consists of approximately 4600 acres and of that only about 10% is
significantly contaminated, albeit severely so. The powers that be at the
County of Orange didn't wish to sign this agreement initially because they
were afraid that liability for existing above ground hazards could become
their resposibility, i.e., asbestos in ceiling tiles and/or wallboard in

DON however stated that time was running out, there will be no more time
extensions. So if our LRA (Orange County Board of Supervisors) didn't enter
into an agreement by  1 Sept. '00 they would padlock the base, turn-off the
water irrigation and let all the trees and grass die. This base has been
and mostly still is a showcase on how to turn a barren land (which it was
in 1943) into a lush, well-landscaped paradise, thanks to the Marines.

This is a success story for all communities with closing or closed DoD or
DoE installations may want to look at. Great pressure was brought to bear
on DON and on our LRA to mediate and solve the monumental infrastructure,
logistical and environmental (legal liability) problems, which resulted in
a remarkable compromise agreement....

A copy of the Interim Master Lease for former MCAS, El Toro is a matter of
public record and is probably available for the price of duplication from:
County of Orange, Ca. Local Redevelopment Authority, Santa Ana, Ca. (will
post the complete address on 23 Aug.'00)

On an added note, special kudos should also go to the legal team with the
County's staff.

Don Zweifel,
Pro bono consultant to ETLRA/El Toro RAB

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