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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] SFAAP: Where's the Beef?
Where's the Beef? 
The Sunflower Army Ammunition plant isn't too contaminated for cattle. 
By Joe Miller 
Jay Thornton 
It's what's for dinner: For these cattle, Sunflower means "feedlot." 
Grazing at the contaminated Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant, that's where.
The party line on the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant (SFAAP) in Johnson
County is that it's badly contaminated, though no one knows just how badly.
It's been that way since the Army started producing explosives there in
1942. The land's so fouled with toxins, in fact, that the federal
government doesn't even want to deal with it. The feds hope to turn the
10,000-acre site over to the Oz Entertainment Group, which plans to build
an amusement park there -- free land in exchange for cleanup liability. 

But Army officials apparently believe the property is safe enough for food
production. For decades, the Army Corps of Engineers has leased around
6,000 acres at Sunflower to area farmers. Cattle roam amid the empty water
towers and rusty pipes, getting fat on the waist-high weeds, awaiting their
date with the butcher's blade. 


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