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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Coast Weekly Article on Monterey Peninsula Airport Pollution
Citizen Pain 08/03/00
How two ordinary people uncovered an environmental
hazard at the airport that went untold for 10 years. 

By Traci Hukill 

dirty secrets 

As a kid growing up on Rosita Street in the '50s, one of Sheldon
Mayes' favorite things to do was watch the planes take off. It was
a short jaunt from his house across Work Memorial Park and up
the hill at the end of the runway. There he'd climb up on the
55-gallon drums stacked on the slope to get a thrilling view of
the planes' underbellies as they passed close overhead. He
never gave much thought to the drums. "There were hundreds of 'em off 
the edge," he recalls. "That's just the way they did things
back then, I guess." 

Mayes grew up, joined the service and forgot all about the drums. 
They disappeared from view, obscured by the maturing
greenbelt, and then vanished altogether. In 1995, 13 hangars
sprang up where the drums used to be. 

In time Mayes moved back to his family home on Rosita and
joined a citizens group opposing airport noise. One day in June,
Mayes' neighbor mentioned that following the 1995 construction
of the hangars, the chorus of croaking frogs that normally filled
the night air at Work Memorial Park had fallen silent. 


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