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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Beginnings of what could be a Toxic Disaster in Monterey
[This was posted to the list by Vienna Merritt Moore, ICONSIGNS@aol.com]



Two protests to raise awareness of the public hazards and risks to the
community from toxic, radiological and mutagenic contamination at the
former Fort Ord will take place on Monday 8/7 at 8:30 am and on Tuesday 
8/8 at 3:00 pm at the Monterey Conference Center at One Portola Plaza in 
Monterey.They are being organized by LIFE 2000.

The army is planning to resume it's so called controlled burnings which 
are in reality open air detonations of multitudes of toxic emitting 
rockets, bombs with warheads, grenades etc.... under the guise of 
cleanup and brush removal. This unclean up will release unknown amounts 
of carcinogens, mutagens and radioactive materials into the environment 
of the monterey area and thus our bodies. LIFE 2000 Founder Christine 
Bettencourt said " To paraphrase former Senator 
William Proxmire 'If a foreign country had imposed these massive 
clouds of toxic smoke on us - we would consider it an act of war. 
Bettencourt concluded "We're protesting the massive land grab of 
Fort Ord by this greedy association of developers who put their 
millions of dollars in profits ahead of our children's lives and 
health." The emphasis of the march is to stop the burnings and let 
people know there are safe alternatives.

The march will take place during a conference for the National 
Association of Installation Developers. These developers see the 
Fort Ord cleanup as a success and may use the same disastrous methods on 
hundreds of closed bases around the country. 

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Vienna Merritt Moore
LIFE 2000
(831) 384-7658 Ph.
(831) 384-6764 Fax

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