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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Public Meeting: Update on Gruber's Grove Bay
[This was posted to the list by Laura Olah, olah@speagle.com]

July 14, 2000

For immediate release

Contact: Laura Olah, Executive Director (608)643-3124

Public Meeting: Update on Gruber's Grove Bay

SAUK CITY -- A public informational meeting is scheduled for Monday
evening, July 24 at the Sauk City Library beginning at 7 pm to present 
recent findings concerning contaminated sediments at Gruber's Grove Bay 
on Lake Wisconsin.

Representatives of the WDNR, Wisconsin Division of Health, Badger Army 
Ammunition Plant, and Sauk County Environmental Health will explain the 
history of the site, significance of the recent findings, and plans for 
future studies.   The meeting, hosted by Citizens for Safe Water Around 
Badger (CSWAB), will also have a time for questions and answers.

In November 1998, the WDNR collected four sediment cores from Gruber's 
Grove Bay, the outfall for all industrial wastewater discharges from 
Badger Army Ammunition Plant.  Analysis at the State Laboratory of 
Hygiene found high levels of several heavy metals (lead, mercury, and 
zinc), certain polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and ammonia. 
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were also detected in the sediments, 
but at low levels.

Sediment from Gruber's Grove Bay was sampled and analyzed by Olin
Corporation, the operating contractor for Badger Army Ammunition Plant, 
during April and June of 1999.  An additional investigation was 
conducted during February 2000.

The results of these studies, which will be presented at the July 24
meeting, confirm previous findings and show that elevated concentrations 
of mercury, methyl mercury, copper, and lead are present within the 
sediments.  The lateral extent of the contamination is approximately 25 
acres; the vertical thickness of contamination extends up to 6 feet.

Water in the upper portion of the bay is elevated with respect to the
underlying aquifer, consequently surface water is moving through
contaminated sediments and then recharging the aquifer  a drinking
water resource for nearby residents.

Appropriate cleanup actions will be determined based on the results of 
further testing in Gruber's Grove Bay and other areas of Lake Wisconsin, 
the WDNR said.

*   *   *

Laura Olah, Executive Director
Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger
E12629 Weigand's Bay South
Merrimac, WI  53561
phone (608)643-3124
fax (608)643-0005 alt fax (608)643-2682
Email: olah@speagle.com
Website: http://www.speagle.com/cswab

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