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From: meuser@mapcruzin.com
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 09:20:19 -0700 (PDT)
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] worst case scenarios - June 8th deadline for comments
Hi - excuse any cross-posting.  The June 8th deadline for 
comments about the proposed OCA rule is near.  This "worst case 
scenario" rule would limit our access to vital chemical accident 

I have archived comments from the Working Group on Community 
Right-to-Know, Colorado State Emergency Response Commission 
(SERC) and Montant-CHEER.  These comments address issues 
such as: full disclosure  protects against terrorism, terrorism 
hysteria, proposed rule increases the risk of terrorism, 
environmental justice, disenfranchises citizens, citizen tracking 
and privacy concerns, future of RTK, EPA and DOJ mission to 
protect public, and more. The archive along with other relevant 
information is at: 

If you send me a copy of your comments I will post them here as 
well.  Act now!  Deadline is June 8th.


Michael R. Meuser,
Environmental Sociologist

Michael R. Meuser,
Environmental Sociologist

Environmental Communication, GIS, RTK,
Community-Based Research & Education, 
Environmental & Sociodemographic Research
"Making Data Make Sense"

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