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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] McClellan Air Force Base (California) RAB Dissolution
[This was posted to the list by Diane M. Peterson, 

Lenny Siegel:

In early August, 1998, the Captain of our base began preparing for his 
retirement, and decided he needed to dissolve the Cecil Field RAB and 
leave everything neat and tidy.  However, the Captain did not count on 
meeting a first class pitbull type of community co-chair...I just did 
not give him the courtesy of a telephone which he had not done for me, 
and telephoned the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, 
Washington, D.C.  They faxed me the Management Guidance for the Defense 
Environmental Restoration Program (revised and replaces the DERP 
management guidance issued in 1994 and is effective until superseded.  I 
later learned that our Captain already had a copy of the document and 
had neglected to provide a copy for the Community Co-Chair.

The cover memorandum states that new sections have been added on 
relative risk, performance measures, relationships with regulatory 
agencies, formerly used defense sites and the Federal Facilities 
Environmental REstoration Dialogue Committee recommendations.  The 
document spells out the responsibilities of the RAB and provides the 
appropriate policy for RAB Adjournment.

Key Words:  RAB adjournment should not be an independent, unilateral 
decision on the part of DoD.  The installation must make the decision to 
adjourn a RAB with general agreement from the RAB members and in 
consultaton with the community as a whole.  Adjournment of a RAB may be 
appropriate under specific circumstances.
(Three listed.)

If this RAB does not have the adjournment policy, contact Patricia 
Ferrebee,  Washington, D.C. at (703) 695-6107 or fax (703) 697-7413 for 
a copy and help.

Diane M. Peterson, Community Co-Chair (5+ years)
Cecil Field Restoration Advisory Board
Jacksonville, Florida 
email:  dmpetersonjaxfl@juno.com
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