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Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 14:39:39 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Vieques Report
"community under siege" --  The guards are protecting US government
property to keep him from re-entering.

U.S. Government property?  Sounds like yet another government elitist who 
has forgot who serves whom and who owns what.

"military physicists in space suits" -- The "space suits" were commercially 
available personal protective suits used by fire departments around the world.

Yet an admission of the toxicity of the area contrary to government hype 
over the hazard level of military operations.

>"life and death struggle" --  Needs no comment.

If it needs no comment then you obviously have your head in the sand 
regarding the connection between toxins and health.

> I support a peaceful resolution of the problems associated with
> Navy-Vieques co-existence.  Moreover, the governments of Puerto Rico and
> the Unites States have negotiated an agreement that needs to be put to a
> vote.  Lets get onto the people's decision and move forward to a vote, lets
> move forward to a resolution and away from a "struggle",  lets stop bias
> reporting from Camp Peace and move forward toward responsible

Since the "agreement" has not been passed by congress then I see it as no 
agreement.  What was wrong with an immediate referendum?  Is the
administration afraid to let intelligent common people decide their own
fate and have to resort to backroom agreements?

> The reality is that the US government has a plan to move the Navy from
> Vieques that does not meet Robert's timetable.  Instead of working with the
> government to implement an acceptable timeline, he has chosen to direct his
> energies in a way that will only prolong and delay the process.  Instead of
> working with the government to address environmental remediation issues, he
> has chosen to incite unrest that is counterproductive.  Instead of working
> with the government to find acceptable solutions to the problem, he has
> chosen to exact unobtainable standards that are a disservice to those he
> represents.

Speaking of unobtainable standards, what the heck was the Massacheusetts 
standard that Viques was going to be cleaned up to?  Another military
disaster that has no standards in place?

Steven Pollack

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