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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] In-Situ Tracers for Monitoring the Natural Attenuation of Explosive
>From EPA TechDirect May 1, 2000

Using Stable Isotopes of Carbon and Nitrogen as In-Situ Tracers for
Monitoring the Natural Attenuation of Explosives

(Special Report 99-19).  This report was produced by the Army Corps of
Engineers Cold Regions research Laboratory.  It examines the use of carbon
and nitrogen stable isotope measurements from TNT as a possible tool for
monitoring the natural attenuation of TNT.  Incubation studies of spiked
soil samples were conducted.   Field studies using both soil
and groundwater samples support the laboratory finding that changes in the
15N for TNT extracted from groundwater could be detected in samples
collected at different points along transects at the Louisiana Army
Ammunition Plant and that no measurable change in the 13C values for soil
or TNT could be seen [December 1999, 26 pages].  View or download at

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