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Thank you Mr. Joe Miller, Journal-World Reporter.
Thanks to you we know who has the bucket, no one.

When will the pollution of the Kaw River be stopped?

Jimmie D. Oyler, Principal Chief
United Tribe of Shawnee Indians
The Front Page 
DeSoto treatment facility under fire 
By Joe Miller, Journal-World Reporter 

Sunday, April 23, 2000 

On the morning of March 12, 1999, Mike Buckley jumped into his Chevy pickup
and headed out of Kansas City, Mo., bound for DeSoto.
On the seat beside him was a duffel bag stuffed with provisions:
binoculars, rope, duct tape, latex gloves and a gas mask. "I'd just bought
a new filter for it," he said of the mask. "I brought it along just in case
things got kind of hairy."

Buckley also brought a five-gallon plastic bucket with a snap-tight lid.
The bucket was central to his mission.

For weeks, he'd been investigating Kansas Waste Water Inc., an industrial
wastewater treatment facility operating at the mothballed Sunflower Army
Ammunition Plant near DeSoto. The company, according to state documents, is
owned and operated by Tom McNally, who also ran a couple of similar
facilities in Buckley's hometown. The Kansas City facilities were cited for
various environmental violations before eventually closing down under
pressure from regulators.

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