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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Vieques Update
>From Robert L. Rabin Siegal <bieke@coqui.net>

7 April, 2000

Friends in Solidarity with Peace for Vieques

Fraternal greetings from Vieques. Following is a brief report on the events
of this week and what´s coming up next.

According to the press, the Navy, federal marshalls and Puerto Rico police
were about to intervene here last Monday at the Peace and Justice Camp that
has been blocking the Navy´s main gate to Camp García since 3 December, 1999.

The Navy has significantly increased there psychological operations against
our community. During several hours on Tuesday afternoon, 4 helicopters
flew over the area at the Camp García gates and the civil disobedience
camps in the bombing area in very aggressive flight patterns.


On Monday night the PR Bar Association presidente, Eduardo Villanueva,
arrived inVieques to offer support with his physical presence at the Peace
and Justice Camp and his disposition to move to the camps out at the
bombing area if necessary. Villanueva expressed to the press what is the
feeling of the participantes of the Peace and Justice Camp vis a vis the
Navy´s psych.-ops and the constant rumors spread by the military:




If there are 100 false alarms, we will be present 100 times to make sure
the rumors are not true. 

Ismael Guadalupe said that during these days of much tension, another
fundamental point of the struggle in the disobedience camps is the
importance of continuity: it´s not so important to have hundreds of people
in the camps at the moment of arrests  more important is the continuity of
the struggle and the actions of civil disobediene that follow the first

During the week, we have been fine tuning our internal communications
systems with the community and constantly dialoguing about our commitment
to peacefull civil disobedience.

An excellente network of communications  vía telephone and internet  has
been set up with our community as well as people on the main island,
support groups in the US and solidarity organizations in several other

We are absolutely sure that in the first minutes after the initial
intervention at any of the camps, there will be a multitudinous response
from our people. A large portion of the 2 thousand people who participated
in the car caravan last Sunday will be in front of Camp García in a flash.
A little later people will arrive from Puerto Rico. In the US, Hawaii,
Okinawa, Panama and in other points of this planet, accions will begin in
support of the Vieques struggle.

Robert L. Rabin Siegal
Comité Pro Rescate y Desarrollo de Vieques
Apartado 1424   Vieques, PR  00765
(787) 741-0716   cel. 375-0525
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