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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] DOL and the UXO Industry
Russel Shattles <bmbsqd@home.com>

>Subject:  DOL and the UXO Industry
>LIUNA UXO Workers' Union is attempting to gather information and
>historical data on the early days of the UXO industry being assigned
>wage determinations by the Department of Labor.  There are many issues
>that will be explored by LIUNA and it legal and legislative
>departments.  Currently we are focused on Hazardous Duty Pay (HDP)--or
>the lack thereof-- for the workers in the UXO field.
>As you may know many government employees now receive HDP.  USACE Safety
>Specialists, for example, may receive up to 25% of their base pay while
>performing duties at a UXO site.  The UXO Workers' Union is not trying
>to insinuate that these Safety Specialists do not deserve their HDP, but
clearly the techs out in the field disposing of the unexploded ordnance DO,
but are not getting it.
>For example, out at Ft. Irwin the UXO techs recently found themselves in a
grid full of sub munitions.  While the they were in the process of
>maneuvering and working around these deadly items some government
>workers were in the safe area viewing through binoculars-- and
>collecting Hazardous Duty Pay.  
>Many other issues bring a need for us to learn as much as possible about
the DOL's process of assigning the initial WD's to the UXO industry.  It is
clear that they simply applied GS 9, 11, and 12 wage grades (the lowest
steps of course) but they conveniently left off HDP and other incentives
that government employees enjoy.  As well, the local area wage
determinations have not kept up properly with the rise of inflation and
definitely not the cost of doing business in the UXO industry.  Therefore
we have Service Contract Act WD's in areas such as Monterey, California and
Maui, Hawaii that are lower than in states such as Alabama, Texas and
Illinois-- which have much less of a cost of living burden.
>Our goal is to get the UXO workers and the UXO contractors of this
>industry the compensation they deserve.  LIUNA and the AFL-CIO have
>great strength in Washington and we feel confident that we can
>accomplish these missions, which will help UXO contractors and techs
>If you have any information that would be of assistance please contact
>us at the numbers and e-mails below.  Your assistance is very much
>Regards and Be safe!
>Russell Shattles
>UXO Workers' Union
>(410) 964-2089
>(888) 351-5324
>FAX:  (410) 964-8481
>Michael Barrett, Attorney
>Connerton & Ray
>(202) 737-1900
>FAX:  (202) 659-3458
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