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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Picatinny Follow-up
[This was posted to the listserve by Michael Glaab, 
michaelglaab@worldnet.att.net, as a follow-up to the February 7 posting 
about the Picatinny Arsenal. Note the correct spelling of

Since I had last communicated with you about the Picatinny cleanup issue 
another aide of Senator Torricelli has been assigned responsibility for 
the Picatinny matter. The previous aide has apparently left the 
senator's service and is now employed elsewhere. Shortly after I 
discussed this matter with him, the newly assigned aide forwarded to me 
the following letter from the Senator's office to the Army. Senator 
Torricelli's letter supports the cleaning up of contaminated sites in 
accordance with the more restrictive state standards.

Considering the concern expressed in my earlier e-mails and the
necessity of being fair to all concerned parties, please attach this
explanatory note and the Senator's letter to those relevant documents. 


						February 7, 2000

Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera
101 Army Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20310-0101

Dear Secretary Caldera:

     I want to share with you my concerns about the remediation of a
large tract of land, Site 20/24, located at the Army's research facility 
at Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, New Jersey.  For far too long, the 
Department of the Army and the New Jersey Department of Environmental 
Protection (DEP) have been negotiating the cleanup of Site 20/24, but 
have not settled on a plan.  One of the main issues of contention is 
that the Army has one standard for environmental cleanups, while New 
Jersey has a higher standard.  I am writing to urge the Department of 
the Army accept New Jersey's standard of remediation and that removal 
begin as quickly as possible. 

     The State of New Jersey has provided the land for Picatinny Arsenal 
to the Department of Defense for decades of vital research, development, 
and testing.  With that exchange come responsibilities that are not in 
dispute.  The Army has established uniform rules for the cleanup of land 
contaminated as a result of military activity.  While I understand the 
need for the Department of Defense to attempt a uniform policy to deal 
with such issues throughout the country, you need to understand the 
unique nature of New Jersey's environment.

     We are the most densely populated state in the nation, and sadly, 
have the most Superfund sites. A history of industrial development has 
left a legacy of thousands of acres of Brownfields and too many 
contaminated waterways and ground waters.  When there is contamination 
in a densely populated area there must be no debate about the extent of 
the cleanup.  Millions of families rely on aquifers beneath land like 
this and throughout northern New Jersey for their drinking water. 
Because of these and other concerns, New Jersey has developed more 
stringent guidelines for environmental cleanups.  The Department of 
Defense has developed guidelines too for environmental cleanup.  I 
believe, these guidelines should be used as a floor, not a ceiling, 
setting minimum requirements to ensure cleanup, but not restricting 
sites from a more comprehensive standard.

     I would appreciate your review of this matter.  Again, I urge the 
Army to begin with the clean up of this site as soon as possible at the 
standards set by the New Jersey DEP.  Please direct all correspondence 
or questions to Mike Flynn in my Newark office.


						United States Senator

cc: NJDEP Commissioner Robert Shinn
EPA Regional Administrator Jeanne Fox
Mr. Michael Glaab, PAERAB

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