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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Do the Fed's, State and Johnson County regulators allow SFAAP to be
In March of 1999 we posted the below e-Mail.  The subject was:

Has SFAAP and the KAW river become a hazardous waste dump site?

After reporting same the Fed's, State and Johnson County regulators have
not done one thing to stop what we consider hazardous waste dumping into
the Kaw river.  It is time for the following question to be answered.

Question:  Do the Federal, State and Johnson County Regulators allow KWWI
to haul hazardous waste into SFAAP, say they have treated same, then dump
the hazardous waste into the KAW via a 30 inch sewer pipe going from SFAAP
to the KAW?????

Jimmie D. Oyler, Principal Chief
United Tribe of Shawnee Indians
Our March 1999 e-mail post follows:

Subject: Has SFAAP and the KAW river become a hazardous waste dump site?

>From the coffee shops of De Soto, Kansas, Saturday morning, March 13, 1999,
the Principal Chief of the United Tribe of Shawnee Indians was told the

Excitement was the name of the game for De Soto, Kansas the afternoon of
Friday, March 12, 1999.

Sometime after noon on the 12 of March, two (2) armed guards from the
closed and polluted Sunflower Army Ammunitions Plant (SFAAP) were on the
rounds of inspections.

When the guards arrived at the SFAAP Kaw River water intake location they
were met by a man caring a five (5) gallon bucket with a lid/seal on top of
the bucket.

Thinking the man was preparing to blow up the water intake facility the
guards called the Johnson County Sheriff Department.

Later the Johnson County HazMat team and the SFAAP HazMat team were called.

Also the Fire Department was called.  Now we have a full blown operation in

When a Deputy Sheriff started to carry the five (5) gallon bucket someone
stated it may contain explosives.  Now the operation went into full operation.

After some running around in circles by the very alert action team, I am
told the man they had arrested then carried the bucket for them and told
them the bucket contained a liquid that was coming from the SFAAP discharge
pipe going into the Kaw river.

The HazMat then checked and sure enough the same liquid was going into the
Kaw River.

The HazMat team finds a gas mask and gloves!!!!!

Now the action increased because the man had used gloves and a gas mask to
get the sample.

The man opened the bucket for the action team and what do you think the
color of the liquid was?

Orange Yellow! and what a smell we are told.

Why is SFAAP allowing Orange Yellow liquid to be discharged into the Kaw

This morning after the United Tribe of Shawnee Indians were told of this
action we did some checking.

As stated in the General Services Administration (NEPA) Environmental
Assessment (EA) Report dated February 8, 1999 for SFAAP, the following is
found on page III-24.

..."The Industrial Treatment Plant (IWWTP) is currently being leased to a
private party.  It was constructed in the early 1990's for on-site
treatment of NG wastewater.  This facility is located in the southern end
of the North Acid Area (SWMUs 7, 8, and 9).  In 1997, Kansas Wastewater
Inc. leased the facility to treat non-hazardous wastewater on a commercial
lever.  An EA was prepared by Alliant Techsystems, Inc. for the Army, and
completed in May 1997 for the purpose of leasing and operating the IWWTP by
Kansas Waste Water Inc.  The EA concluded that there would be no
significant impact resulting from the operation of the IWWTP by Kansas
Waste Water Inc."...

So then we check to find out just who KWWI was?

KWWI is owned by Mr. Tom McNally a Canadian.

Where has been his past places of operation.

Early 1990's he was located at 910 Woodsweather Road, Kansas City, MO next
to the Missouri river. Notice river!

Later in the 1990's he moved to the old Leeds (GM) plant and was located
next to the Blue river. Notice river!  Moved out when the EPA checked on
some work the owner of the old plant was doing.

Now after the EA was prepared by Alliant Techsystems, Inc. and approved by
the Army he has set up operation at SFAAP with a sewer line to the Kaw
river. Notice river!

We would ask the following:

When the Federal Government has proposed to cleanup SFAAP why would Alliant
and the Army allow a Hazardous waste company to conduct business at SFAAP?

Who are some of the companies KWWI has hauled waste away for in the past?
We are told that when he was operating in Kansas City the following
companies have utilized KWWI in the past to disposed of their waste.

This information was furnished the tribe by:
Ms. Denies R. Burkett
Division of Industrial Waste Control
Kansas City, Missouri
Additional names include Mary A. Lappin, Robert E. Eilliamson and N. J.

Please check with Ms. burkett to see if Mr. McNally was compliant when
operating in Missouri.

The tribe has been told some of the companies were and or have been:

Cross Manufacturing
Paint Tech, Inc.
FM Thorope
Phelps Tool and Die Co.
Pratt and Lambert, Inc.
Leggett & Platt, Inc.
Mallinckodt Chemicals
Sigan Containers
Pace Industries
Kawasaki Motors

Why is the Industrial Treatment Plant (IWWTP) not being utilized to clean
up the know hazardous waste that is known to be located SFAAP without
hauling in more?

Will the managers of SFAAP ever tell us what the Orange Yellow liquid they
are dumping into the Kaw river is?

Has SFAAP and the Kaw River become a Hazardous waste dumping site?

Jimmie D. Oyler, Principal Chief
United Tribe of Shawnee Indians

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