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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 10:14:23 -0800 (PST)
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Corps of Engineers and USA Environmental sending home UXO teams
Recently the UXO contractor assigned to perform UXO remediation at Fort
Ord (Monterey, Ca.) cut back on UXO personnel.  The workforce was
advised that another down-sizing is likely in the next month.  This
brings about some serious concerns and after visiting with the techs at
the site (some of whom were laid off), I would like to put these
questions out to anyone that has information on the cleanup of Fort Ord.

** Does the local RAB (and through them, the local populace) know that
the COE or USA Environmental has cut back on UXO clearance teams and
what is the general feeling out there on the matter?

** Does the local RAB at Fort Ord know that there are huge tracks of
land at Fort Ord that still, after all these years, have hundreds of
live UXO such as AT-4 High Explosive Anti-Tank projectiles, 40mm
grenades, and 66mm LAW HEAT rockets just beyond fences because they have
not been SURFACE CLEARED?  (Is there anything more inviting to a curious
child than a "Danger-UXO" sign and the prospects of finding something
"cool"-- of which there are hundreds, even thousands to choose from?)

** Is the UXO remediation work at Fort Ord about to be complete?  If
not, why is USA Environmental and the COE cutting back on UXO technician
teams and sending them home?

** Does anyone know why a Request for Proposal has not been sent out to
the UXO contractors to complete the UXO clean-up at Fort Ord even though
USA Environmental's contract officially expires on June 19th?

** Is it normal for millions of dollars budgeted for UXO remediation to
be re-directed to "hi-tech" geophysical testing, and re-testing (over
and over and over again) of instruments like the EM-61, at Fort Ord?

I ask these questions after being contacted by the many techs who were
laid off as a result of the down-sizing.  While they may be concerned
for their jobs, most of them are also concerned about the potential
hazards created by cutting back UXO teams.  I appreciate any replies.

Regards and be safe!

Russell Shattles

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